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Todd Lucht

Creative Leader

What do you get when you combine a tech-savvy designer with a world class athlete? Someone that is a leader, driven and has a creative vision—that person is me.

Am I a Jack-of-all-trades? I'd like to think of myself as extremely diverse and adaptable.


You know those people you could strap a 50lb backpack to, and start them in the Florida Keys, and tell them to walk to Alaska? Me and my never ending motor!


Developed a proprietary JavaScript to maximize efficiency by 70% and decrease costs by 100k. Here’s the case study and work for the InDesign JavaScript to help with automation.

Soft Skills


Not only am I skilled in digital arts,
I can create strategies while having efficient workflow solutions and maintaining brand consistencies while being original.
Team Liaison, Core Leadership, Data Management, Process Implementation, Risk Management And Analysis, Creative Problem Solving, Multi-Task Management, Proposals, Conceptualization.
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